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i'm just a dork that's going through life and hoping for the best to come out of it. my life consists of disney, yu-gi-oh, gaming and being an awkward muffin. i'm an aspiring animator & writer and always willing to learn from &talk to others with the same interests! ❤


Happy Birthday Sou-chan! 14.09

Dedicated to my ♥ Minji-chan! 


I’m in love with the thought of Vector getting married, to literally anyone just pick a ship, and just being like



I saw a post over this a while ago and doodled this.


do other girls actually go to bed with their bras on or is that just in movies because i would never wear a bra to bed its like going to bed with tape on your mouth




I was asked to draw Vegeta’s mom at some point so there you go guys

Oh I love it…the tails entwined, the fact that she’s taken her glove off to make that intimate contact through skin to skin…the fact that her cape is trying to almost shroud Vegeta for a moment, almost like it’ll protect him for just a little while longer…ahhh the warmth. The fact that she’s a battle scarred warrior, showing that females in the Sayain culture fought along side their men. The fact that she’s wearing the sayain crest proving that she is possibly royalty.

But above all, the fact that Vegeta’s face is is hidden and that this is an intimate moment, one that I almost feel guilty about witnessing. The fact that you’ve hidden Vegeta’s face and it’s up to the audience to decide what emotion he is showing…the fact that, she’s not even looking at him, as if she can’t possibly bare it.

And lastly the fact that this is quite possibly the last true untainted moment of his youth and how it must be killing his mother to think about what might be possibly coming…because deep down she must have known. 




why do I still read youtube comments like have I not learned anything


dont worry too much about your weird fetishes or the kind of art you draw for fun because one of my fave artists i followed since years ago was known (and is still known) for his work almost exclusively featuring naked anime girls squirting milk from their boobs with their guts falling out and now he makes pixel art featured in disney cartoons so never give up okay


"why are all anime characters white"


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